How to Blog

How do I blog?


  • Length:  The length of your posting should fill the message window.  Avoid postings that are too short (one or two sentences with undeveloped ideas) or too long – a minimum of 500 words. Thoughtfully prepared paragraphs that make a clear and concise contribution should be your goal.
  • Images: You are required to have at least one image and / or video.
  • Links: You are required to have at least two links relating to your post.

Content:  Your post should reflect your understanding of assigned course readings and web resources.  

  • Have a Thesis:  Do not post a message until you are ready to make a significant contribution.  Make sure you have something to say, and that you say it clearly.
  • Don’t Repeat What Others Have Already Said:  Your post should reflect the fact that you have read what other students have written and that you are prepared to contribute something new.  There will usually be several questions, which should enable you to contribute something new without repeating something one of your classmates has already addressed.
  • Grammar and Spelling:  Although your audience is your peers, do not take a casual approach to your discussion postings.  You are participating in academic discourse, not emailing your friends, and your language should reflect this.  Your postings should be well thought out and well written, with careful attention to grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word choice.  
  • Helpful Tip:  Prepare your message in your word processing program first, and then paste it into the message box.  The web can be very temperamental and this will avoid the frustration of losing your work.

Closing Dates and Late Submissions

  • Discussion topics will close on Sunday evenings of each week.  To take full advantage of participating in group discussions, you should post your first entries early in the week in order to allow time for follow-up responses.
  • Late submissions for Discussion postings will not be accepted 2 weeks after the deadline and you will get a point off for each late week.

How do I upload and insert images or documents in my blog post?

Please note that the maximum file size for upload is now set to 3 MB.

See this PDF for detailed instructions on embedding image and video links.


How to edit my blog post? Hover your mouse over the title of your selected blog post, click it and it will direct you to the individual page of that blog post. If you're the author of that blog post, you will be able to see an "EDIT" button under the title.